Deja Vu is a short game completable in the duration of Jupiter Hadley's attention span (1 minute):  You are cursed. Locked in an ever repeating room. Unravel its mysteries to lift the curse and break free.

Press ENTER to start the game, use the arrow keys or WASD (ZQSD with a French keyboard layout) to move around.

This is my entry for CGA Jam 2017 on the theme "History repeats". I have a laundry list of game polish and tweaks I may or may not get to.


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Wow, that was confusing at first, but I finally figured it out!  Great work on the puzzle design, it was simple, yet challenging enough. 

sprites are great, fun little puzzler, nice work :)

It was really cool discovering how the mechanics worked. Great job!

Cool little game. Good job. Love the player sprite.